Campaign Management Services
Transitions II will manage all aspects of any marketing campaign program. From targeted segmentation to dynamic campaign creative, we will provide you with the best response strategy available. The right message for the right audience every time. This increases operational efficiencies and improves customer satisfaction. The Transitions II team will oversee your entire marketing campaign execution. Constructing segmentation strategies based on your customer data elements. And by utilizing response analytics and ROI methods, the best strategy for your company will be developed.
The Transitions II team not your average Salesforce Consultant; we excel in understanding business processes and goals and develop highly creative solutions. Armed with extensive knowledge of solutions, we can streamline and automate your processes as well as provide visibility to your customers and marketing and sales data. We can support you in implementing Salesforce from scratch, or improving your current Salesforce instance. The Transitions II team of experts will help you transform how you engage with prospects, and customers. The team will provide smart solutions and will help businesses cut costs, work more efficiently to save time, work smarter, and provide better service.

Change Management
Organizations often make the mistake of focusing too much on selecting and implementing technology and not enough on post-implementation clear and appropriate business practices. Transitions II understands the many implications and tradeoffs and won’t leave you with an out of the box solution that doesn’t work for you.
  • Facilitation for the delivery of High Level Business Processes and Detailed Business Process documentation
  • Guidance for turning Detailed Business Processes into Business Test Cases
  • Managing the often changing business needs throughout the entire business requirements.
  • Validating that the final delivered technical solutions truly meet the desired business requirements
  • Incorporation of transparency into the CRM process to insure that key measures are defined and incorporated early into the process to ensure an ability to support the critical need for project ROI metrics and clear rationalization for business benefit attainment
  • Maintaining the appropriate focus on the customers throughout the development cycle, ensuring a persistent representation for what is pragmatically the best interaction for the customer

Customer Data
Data Quality in any corporate environment is almost always an issue due to the many entry points for Customer Data and the various Legacy processes systems utilizing it. Getting an entire enterprise to adhere to a common set of rules for standardization of customer data (and its many associated elements) can be an enormous challenge. Transitions II has been working with data cleansing, data quality and data governance for over 20 years. We will find you a cost-effective path, sized for your needs.
  • Strategies to identify and harmonize the multiple stake holders of customer data across an enterprise
  • Evaluation of current customer environment, with recommended next steps and longer/short term strategies for your organizations
  • Assistance with building dynamic and effective customer governance organization staffing plans
  • Establishing, staffing and managing customer data governance and customer data quality groups